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C&R Sidebar: ”Out Of Character”

For our first C&R Sidebar, we talk all about the music we love that many would see as "out of character" for us.

Cranked & Ranked: Top 10 Albums of 1978

The dudes are back to rank their favorite albums from the year of Old Head's birth!

Cranked & Ranked: Mr. Bungle

Two metalhead commoners attempt to rank the discography of a band that is clearly too complex for them to truly understand.

Cranked & Ranked: Boston

118 minutes of pure, tangent-filled, album ranking bliss.

Cranked & Ranked: Nine Inch Nails - part 2

The pretty rank machine continues with another tangent-filled episode...

Cranked & Ranked: Nine Inch Nails - part 1

Our first foray into the world of industrial rock, plus Eddie's Download Festival wrap-up!

Cranked & Ranked: Pantera - part 2

The epic, tangent-filled conclusion to our Pantera album ranking.

Cranked & Ranked: Pantera - part 1

Part 1 of our two-part ranking that includes EVERY Pantera album as well as the one and only album from Damageplan.

Old Head: Q & A

Since we had to take a week off from C & R, I decided to treat the podcast listeners with the audio from a recent Old Head livestream Q & A. Enjoy!

Cranked & Ranked: Top 10 Albums of 1985

Hop in our DeLorean and let us take you back in time to rank our top 10 favorite albums of 1985.


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